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A Few Selected Images

I’ve added a gallery of a few of my best images. I’d like to get back to doing some more of these, with the help of the A77.

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A77 and 16-50mm f2.8 Are Weathersealed

Almost hidden within a post on Sonyalpharumors was the snippet that the A77 and 16-50mm f2.8 are weathersealed, one of the things on my personal wishlist. This leaves the 70-200mm f2.8 in the difficult position of being a non-weathersealed ‘pro’ … Continue reading

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Sony A77 16-50mm f2.8 Lens News

Sonyalpharumors has a couple of bits of news about the 16-50mm f2.8 lens to be offered as a kit with the Sony A77: It isn’t a Zeiss. At the reputed price I don’t think that was ever a possibility. It … Continue reading

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Lenses For The A77?

Assuming the A77 comes with the promised 16-50mm 2.8, I’ve been trying to work out the other lens options to make up a full range. Here’s my summary: Telephoto: the 70-200mm f2.8 SAL G is the obvious choice. But it is pricey for … Continue reading

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What Is The Meaning Of The ‘Leaked A77 Pictures’?

I find it significant that the leaked A77 pictures both feature the battery grip, and I think I can see why. The A77 has a compact body and might be significantly smaller than its competitors. It’s important therefore for Sony … Continue reading

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12 Frames A Second From A77?

Sonyalpharumors is reporting that the A77 will be able to shoot  at 12 frames a second. That’s impressively quick, but what’s not clear is that it can manage that at the full 24MP resolution and without other restrictions. Recent related … Continue reading

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Sony A77 Prices Leaked?

Ylovephoto reckons to have worked out the prices of the forthcoming Sony A77 and A65 from a magazine’s list of competition prizes: Sony Alpha 77 + 16-50mm f/2.8 SAM = 1800€ Sony Alpha 77 body only = 1050€ Sony Alpha 65 … Continue reading

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A77 Pictures Are Real?

Sonyalpharumors is reporting that the A77 images doing the rounds are real. Here they are again in case you missed them:

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The Books That Most Helped Me Improve My Photography #1 – Photographic Seeing by Andreas Feininger

Like most photographers, I have a stack of books about photography. Some of them have been very useful at helping me to improve and some have hardly helped at all. I’ve found the two best ways to really improve are … Continue reading

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More Pictures – But Not The A77

Sonyalpharumors has an image of the rumored Sony NEX-7 that is said to use the same 24MP sensor as the A77 – see below. It’s good to see a viewfinder and also what looks like a short grip on the … Continue reading

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