A77 First Impressions

I’ve not taken my A77 outside yet, but here’s some first impression from handling it:

  • The lens build quality seems really good. It’s a chunky lens, quite heavy too, and the zoom and focus rings have a reassuring feel.
  • The EVF is big – bigger than almost all of the optical finders I’ve used.
  • Build quality, size and weight seem similar to the A77′s main competitors. If I closed my eyes, I could be holding a Nikon D7000.
  • The ergonomics seem good to me. Everything that matters can be adjusted using buttons and dials on the right side of the camera. With my fingers on the zoom ring of the lens, my left thumb sits right on top of the AF/MF switch.
  • Focus magnification seems like a useful feature.

I’m hoping for some sunshine later today to get out and take a few shots.

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2 Responses to A77 First Impressions

  1. haugstad.com says:

    What is the total weight of this camera with lens and battery?

  2. DeJay says:

    1427g – I just weighed it!