A77 Interesting Features #1 – Focus Peaking

One of the more interesting features of the A77 is focus peaking, which aims to make accurate manual focusing easier and more precise. The EVF show a bright colour – you can choose between yellow and red – to show the edges of exactly what’s in focus. It’s easier to understand by viewing a demonstration:

Although you might not want to have this on all the time, it’s a useful feature to have when manual focus is critical. What’s interesting is that none of the makers who have gone for ‘retro’ or ‘rangefinder’ styled cameras have copied this feature, even though some of these cameras have become popular for use with legacy manual-focus lenses. It must be be a really useful feature with manual focus lenses on the Sony NEX-7, which also has it, along with most of the other bells and whistles of the A77.

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