Sony A77 Prices

At launch, Sony set recommended prices at $1999 for the kit and $1399 for the body-only in the USA. UK prices were £1669 kit and £1149 body.

Due to initial difficulties with availability, and because the camera has been well-reviewed, anyone who has wanted an A77 in the USA has pretty much had to pay those prices. (US) have the Sony A77 with kit lens at $1998 and the Sony A77 Body only at $1398. Adorama have the Sony A77 Kit at $1998 and the Sony A77 Body only at $1398. The A77 is listed at BHPhotovideo at $1998 for the Sony A77 16-50mm f2.8 Kit and $1398 for the Sony A77 Body only.

Prices from Hong Kong vary according to the country shipped to because of import duties. DigitalRev quote prices including import duties on their website.

Current UK prices have a moved a little from the MRSP - £1449 with the kit lens and £998 for the body from Wex photographic. Amazon UK’s various merchants list the Sony A77 with 16-50mm Lens from £1379 and the Sony Alpha 77 Body at £1049.

8 Responses to Sony A77 Prices

  1. Dean Walton says:

    When is the release date of the A77? And what is the price of the body?

  2. David James Ross says:

    September 16 release in Japan – October elsewhere. 1050 Euros for body only. But nothing yet officially confirmed.

    • george says:

      Although the 20% VAT rate does hit the UK, we are faced with the usual dollar conversion scam i.e. £1 = $1 and then some. I will be buying a Eurostar ticket to Paris, buying the Body for 1050 Euros, have a nice lunch and still be ahead in £ when I get back to London

  3. biman says:

    when it will launch? what will be the price of it??

  4. Shahram says:

    Will A77 be full frame ??