A77 Selling For A Premium?

The shortage of available A77s caused by the flooding in Thailand earlier in the year means that used A77s are appearing at prices above the recommended retail, and it looks as if some of them are selling too. Amazon has a couple of kits – Sony A77 With 16-50mm F2.8 lens from $2200 and the Sony A77 – Body Only from $2399 new and $1699 used. The Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 kit lens is available separately at the normal price of $699. The Sony A65 seems to be in similarly short supply, with only one used kit at $1999. The one thing that does seem to be freely available, the Sony VG-C77AM Vertical Grip, isn’t a lot of use without the camera.

Buyers who don’t fancy these prices and who can’t wait until Sony gets production and stock flowing again have a few other options: DigitalRev in Hong Kong are listing the A77 body as available, although delivery in 1-2 weeks, and have the A65 as shipping within 24 hours. In the UK WEX Photographic have the Body, though not the kit.

This can’t be an entirely happy time for Sony, who clearly intended to take market share from Canon and Nikon with the A77, and now find themselves unable to meet demand due to circumstances beyond their control. Let’s hope they are back to full capacity soon.

Vertical Grip For A77 - Available Now, Unlike Everything Else

Vertical Grip For A77 - Available Now, Unlike Everything Else

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