A77 User’s Manual

I always like to have a look around in the user’s manual before I get a camera, so it’s good to see the A77 User’s Manual available from the Sony website as a pdf. It’s under ‘Specifications’ then ‘product warranty’.

A few things I noticed:

  • The 16-50 f2.8 comes with a hood (as it should for the price).
  • Although ‘digital level gauge’ is shown between ‘no info’ and ‘histogram’ in the cycle brought up by the display button, this is switchable. I’m pleased about this because having a clear finder and histogram a single button press apart is great when judging exposure.
  • Memory mode will remember three lots of settings – I’d forgotten about these. Should be useful.
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2 Responses to A77 User’s Manual

  1. haugstad.com says:

    Is there any way of remote start and stop of video recording?
    It seems that remote controls do not support this function.

  2. David James Ross says:

    I can’t see any easy way of doing that – will be easier to tell when my camera arrives.