I’m a photographer, living and working in the UK, and although not a full-time professional, I do sell work, exhibit and teach.

I’ve been in the market for a new type of camera since I gave up on poor old Olympus and sold my E3. I’ve always thought that some aspects of live view are an advantage and I’ve been waiting for this segment of the market to mature enough that I feel confident to buy into it. After flirting with Panasonic for a while, I now suspect the future belongs to Sony. The A77 should give us some clues to that.

I think we are nearing the end of an era – the era of the SLR. It’s not that SLRs will completely go away, any more than rangefinder cameras have disappeared, but we are entering an age where new types of camera will break the dominance of the SLR. Different companies – Panasonic, Sony and Fuji – have different ideas of where exactly this is going to go. I think Sony look more likely to get it right and I’m fascinated to see how the A77 turns out – I think it could be a ground-breaking camera. So here I’ll be collecting all the latest news and sharing my thoughts on how this is panning out.

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  1. phil wright says:

    very interesting website! i’m also waiting for the a77.i usually use canon dslrs,but will switch to sony when the new model finally arrives.

  2. Josh Bakken says:

    Thanks for the site. I too am VERY interested in the A77 and I look for news on it almost daily. Great job. Thanks again – Josh

  3. Thanks …….
    I am a professional photographer of wedding in Galicia :
    I work with the Sony A700.
    The Sony A77 is my near camera.
    Regards from Spain .