Does The A77 Have Thunderbolt?

It’s been pointed out to me that the leaked German A77 pictures may show that the A77 has a Thunderbolt port. Thunderbolt is a new, fast data interface that has both Intel and Apple behind it – so new that it’s only available on very recent Apple products such as the 11-inch Macbook Air I’m finding surprisingly useable as a photographer’s tool.

If you look at the right hand side of the picture below, on the door labelled ‘Remote’ there is a symbol that looks very much like the logo adopted for Thunderbolt, though I’ve also seen a similar symbol used to mean flash.

Canon recently announced that they will be equipping cameras with Thunderbolt, but has Sony nipped in ahead of them?

Sony Alpha A77 with 16-50mm f2.8

Sony Alpha A77 with 16-50mm f2.8

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