Now the Sony A77 Weight…

Sonyalpharumors is reporting that the A77 weighs 680g.

There’s no saying whether that includes the battery or not (camera makers use both figures) but by way of comparison:

  • The Nikon D7000 weights 690g without the battery and 780g with battery.
  • The Canon 60D weighs 755g with battery and memory card.
  • The Canon 7D weighs 820g without battery

That puts the A77 as no bigger and heavier – and probably a bit smaller and lighter – than its direct competitors. That suits me – there’s a certain point beyond which cameras feel too much to carry around, but I think the A77 will be OK on that front.

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4 Responses to Now the Sony A77 Weight…

  1. Mal says:

    I would expect the A77 to weigh less than the other cameras as there is no machinery to raise and lower the mirror, no devices to dampen the mirror slap and no motor to raise the mirror. I would expect it to weigh even less than reported becuase of the disappearnace of all those items. Yet it will be a nice size.

    • David James Ross says:

      Makes sense to me. I’m thinking roughly Nikon D7000 size, maybe a little smaller. It will have in-body stabilisation whereas Nikon put it in the lenses.

  2. Fernando Filipe says:

    im waithing …..

  3. John says:

    Just a few more days and we will get all the juicy details. So far it sounds pretty cool.