Sony A35 Impressions – Sweep Panorama

I’ve been in an ideal place to test the Sony A35‘s Sweep Panorama mode, which automatically stitches together several images in-camera to create a panorama. It’s offered as a mode on the main dial and switching to it brings up instructions in the viewfinder. Two sizes of final image can be chosen from the main menu, along with the direction of shooting.

At first I found this mode difficult to get to grips with. Once the shutter is pressed, the A35 takes a series of images as you ‘sweep’ the camera through the field of view. If you sweep it too fast, you get an error message, and if you stop before completion, you may get an image with grey space beyond that point. This implementation of panoramic shooting is very different from that used by Canon, which I’ve had good results from in the past.

But after a second day of using the mode, I started to get used to it and to see some decent results. Here’s an example:

Sony A35 Sweep Panorama Example

Sony A35 Sweep Panorama Example

This method is much quicker than stitching images together in Photoshop, but take note that you don’t get the individual images the panorama is made from, so you are very much trusting the camera to get the stitching right.

Overall, I think this is a useful feature, albeit one that takes a bit of practice.

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