Sony A77 Announcement Date is August 23rd

Sonyalpharumors are reporting that the Sony A77 announcement date will be August 23rd. They were bang on with the Sony A35 date and other details, so I would expect this to be correct.

The A77 is expected to be in the shops from October and, if it’s like the A35, will be available in Asia first. I’m still trying to work out whether cameras bought in Hong Kong lack the video limits imposed in Europe.

Sony Alpha A35

Sony Alpha A35

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6 Responses to Sony A77 Announcement Date is August 23rd

  1. Oscar says:

    Very interesting. Have if they dethrone the Canon 5D and the Panasonic GH2 in video.

  2. Check to see if A33/A55 have video limits in Asia. The same case would probably apply to the A35.

    • alan says:

      video limits are the same round the world. They will not produce different video times for different areas. Not economical

      If the EU imposes a strict limit on vid, then that will be the limit for all cameras world wide, such as the Canon 5/7Ds

      • David James Ross says:

        Disappointing – but at least I won’t have to import a camera from Hong Kong.

  3. Nick says:

    Does this mean that the a77 will be released in August, or they’re just going to announce the release date in August?