Sony A77 Production Resumed

CNet Asia reported that Sony have restarted production of the A77: “The electronics giant has confirmed reports that production of its SLT and NEX-series cameras has restarted after the flooding which occurred in its Thai production facilities last month.”

Worldwide, stocks of the A77 are difficult to find. DigitalRev in Hong Kong and WEX in the UK have the A77 body-only in stock, but no kits. A few used A77s are selling – at a premium – on Amazon US.

And Techradar has a new, full review of the A77. They conclude that although the A77 has a few niggles, “when weighing these up against a superb level of image quality when shooting in most conditions, great handling, good build quality, industry-leading EVF, quick full-time phase detection AF system and a comprehensive set of exposure modes, we have little trouble with recommending this excellent camera.”

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