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Sony A77 Availability

The Sony A77 was announced August 24th 2011, but took some time to become widely available because of production difficulties associated with flooding in Thailand. It can be found at Amazon: Sony A77 with Kit Lens and Sony A77 Body, … Continue reading

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Are Sony Planning To Buy Customers With The A77?

If the rumored pricing of the A77 and new lens are correct, it’s clear that Sony have decided it’s time to take on Canon and Nikon and price aggressively. What that means is buying customers by offering a built-in discount … Continue reading

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Buying A Camera In The UK? Mostly A Miserable Experience

Buying an A77 or maybe also an A35 leaves me the question of where in the UK to buy a camera. Generally I don’t much like the choices I have of camera shops. We have a nightmare zombie chain of … Continue reading

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Panasonic working on global (silent) shutter – Sony too?

A day after I added a silent shutter to my A77 wishlist (but not really expecting to get it) 43rumors carries this story that Panasonic are working on a global shutter, possibly prompted by the knowledge that Sony are too. … Continue reading

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Sony Alpha A77 – likely release date?

A reader has asked about the likely release date of the A77 i.e. when it will actually be available. This matters to me too as I have a couple of trips coming up that would be ideal to play with … Continue reading

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If I Were Sony – Features I’d Like To See On The A77 #9 – Silent Shutter

The distinctive sound of an SLR’s shutter is because of the mechanical way it works. This sound has become so associated with the event of ‘taking a picture’ in people’s minds that camera makers add the sound to compact cameras … Continue reading

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So Farewell Then, Olympus

This week Olympus made many additions to the sorry mess that is their current camera offering. I’ve long felt very positive about Olympus and what I thought the brand stood for – compact, tough and innovative, with great optics – … Continue reading

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What would make the A77 a Nikon D7000 killer?

For the past two years I’ve been a Nikon user – a D200 with the 18-200 superzoom. I’m more than happy with the lens but have never really taken to the D200, so the D7000 is the obvious upgrade. But … Continue reading

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Why We Can Be Sure The A77 Is Coming

Given that Sony announced the name of the A77 and showed a prototype a long time ago, it could be said that this camera is the worst-kept secret in the camera world. But how can we be sure Sony didn’t … Continue reading

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If I Were Sony – Features I’d Like To See On The A77 #4 – Intervalometer

Time lapse photography is becoming increasingly popular and can produce some great results, like this video of New york city. from James Ogle on Vimeo. One of the reasons more of these are being shot is that the intervalometer, which used to be … Continue reading

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