Where To Buy The Sony A77

Buying a camera should be a pleasant experience. But any number of things can stop it being so. In this climate I’d be looking for camera suppliers who:

  • Send fresh, unopened stock, rather than ex-demo.
  • Have a good returns policy.
  • Are run by knowledgeable staff.
  • Are easy to contact.
  • Won’t go broke between receiving my money and getting me my camera.
  • Have a real shop as well as a website (though I’ll make an exception for Amazon, who do online better than anyone).


Whenever I need to buy a camera I wish I lived in the USA, New York City to be specific. Then I could just go down the road to BHPhotovideo and get what I want. They have the Sony A77 16-50mm f2.8 Kit and Sony A77 Body only.

Maybe one of the things that keeps them strong is having such a good competitor down the road; Adorama have the Sony A77 Kit and the Sony A77 Body only.

Beyond the specialist camera stores, Amazon.com who have the Sony A77 with kit lens and the Sony A77 Body.

The United Kingdom

The UK is a difficult place to buy a camera. But several photographers I spoke to recommended Wex – (formerly Warehouseexpress.com) and when I tried them recently I was impressed with the help I got over the phone. They now have the A77 kit and body only.

Hong Kong

DigitalRev have been around a while and deliver worldwide too, and seem to have better supplies of stock that the US and UK.

DigitalRev.com - Camera Superstore

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